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TogetherWeShine is a conceptual crocheted neck warmer collection designed and prepared by Kristi Kuusk (MA student at Estonian Academy of Arts) and Stela Dias Fernandes  (BA graduate at Univesity of São Paulo) to present an idea inspired by snowflakes and love. They have made a collection consisting of pairs of garments, accessories that interact with each other by showing the importance of connections between human relations. Pieces literally light up with LED-s while get connected to each other.

TogetherWeShine or JuntosNósBrilhamos in Portuguese or KoosMeSärame in Estonian, neck warmers accessories can be used by mothers and daughters, sisters, friends, grandmothers and granddaughters or by anyone wanting to shine out the “Sparkle” taking over the heart when (re-)united with the loved one.

The collection vividly illustrates how technology, apart from separating people (as commonly agreed and believed), can successfully join them as well. And carries an interesting twist mixing old traditions (croche, knitting) with new technologies (LED, conductive thread, switches) to show how generations (technology, skills, people…) together can function and supporting each other, literally shine.


TogetherWeShine is inspired by snow and love. It carries forms of snowflakes of different temperatures throughout all the collection and makes references to its softness, protection functions. Special inspiration for the project has been snowfall in the dark, the way snowflakes look like tiny lights reflecting any light that shine on them.

Collection items’ names are inspired by beloved female figures in authors’ lives who, to use words of Gil Scott-Heron (“On Coming From A Broken Home”), have given more than birth to them, but life to them: grandmothers, mums and an intense relationship with another female figure: a sister.

This is a reason of asking people in different sizes and ages to demonstrate the collection, to brake the stereotypes of fashion ideals and emphasize the beauty in varieties.

TogetherWeShine is going to be presented on an Online Fashion Exhibition on 1.08.2010 – 1.11.2010 at:

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